Zzed is the perfect cross between a space shooter and three-in-a-row marble popper that you have ever seen! The main character is a young humanoid named Zzed. He had to graduate a course in cosmic waste management and now he is trying to get a job at the Zopa-Zola Corporation. Why? The answer is very simple. He is in love and ready to do anything to marry the girl of his dreams, a pretty woman named Zzuma. And of course a good job with a good paycheck will go a long way in impressing her. So go ahead to start your adventure!

The player has to clear away space meteorites by collecting them in groups of three or more, after this they will self-destruct. Game play requires good reactions, quick thinking, and self-control in extreme situations.

- mix between space shooter and marble popper
- 60 levels in 10 stages
- colourful graphics
- pulsating synthesiser soundtrack
- lots of interesting bonuses

Cleanse cosmos from meteorites, earn lot of money, and win Zzuma’s love!


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Zzed: space story Zzed: space story
Zzed: space story Zzed: space story
Zzed: space story