“Haute couture”, designer clothing, and trends hot off the catwalks were all a distant dream for Wendy, a young girl from the country who was running a small fashion house. But one day fate intervened. Wendy’s grandmother gave her a special gift, a box that contained secrets to mastering sewing and design. Unfortunately that box was stolen right after she got it! Now she has to speed up her slow pace of life and chase the thief all the way to London to get the box back!

During her journey she will improve her sewing skills and learn about world fashion. But first she must earn some money to purchase the ticket to the capital to chase the burglar and start her investigation. Right now Wendy’s business is not doing very well and she is running out of time, so it’s up to you to help! Work quickly to purchase client orders quickly and get bigger tips.

Essentially, new patterns and colors will bring in new customers. Decorate the atelier with new curtains, couches and rugs because this will add a certain amount to every tip. Keep an eye on your visitors and make sure that none of them lose their patience and leave.


- Enjoy an exciting fashion-themed time management game
- Investigate the robbery with cute characters
- Put all your creative ideas into action

While playing you will learn to sew on fancy bows and fur collars, combine colors and choose the best design sketches. Ready to conquer fashion capitals? Grab a needle and start stitching!

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Vogue Tales Vogue Tales
Vogue Tales Vogue Tales
Vogue Tales