In the times of old, when the earth was in darkness and fear reigned, a powerful wizard decided to go on a quest to rid the earth of evil monsters. The wizard faced a long and difficult road filled with hideous, dangerous creatures that will challenge him every step of the way. But the magic of ancient runes is a powerful ally.

Lord of the Runes is a fascinating arcade game with unique game play where your every move turns into magic. Simply draw a rune to cast a spell! The secret of success is selecting the right rune for each situation. It’s easy to learn, but as the levels get harder, you’ll have to work hard to become a master of rune magic.

- Addictive arcade game with unique game play
- Nine offensive and defensive runes, plus nine combos
- Four game zones
- Unique monsters
- A considerable quantity of duels with increasing level of complexity
- The excellent drawing and sound registration
We are eager to add more runes, monsters and zones. But, it all depends on how much you like the game!


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Lord of the Runes Lord of the Runes
Lord of the Runes Lord of the Runes
Lord of the Runes