Musketeers: Constance's Adventure/Presskit


The Royal Court is overflowing with intrigue! No-no, it is not about the Queen giving a pendant to her paramour the Lord of Buckingham! A very secret letter about the concord of France and Spain has been stolen!

Constance, Her Majesty's young and faithful servant, takes a risk and begins her journey to find out who is plotting against the Royal Family. It is up to Constance to reveal the Cardinal’s cruel intentions, save the Queen's reputation and, moreover, prevent international strife!

To accomplish this you have to find all the hidden evidence and solve many tricky puzzles. Ah, wait a sec - you need to spy as well by hiding in secret rooms, using different outfits and masks! This unique opportunity to solve a variety of tasks at the same time makes the game very dynamic. Constance's amazing impersonations, secret meetings and royal gossip will make you dive deep into the legendary atmosphere of the 17th century.


Key features:

- A fresh look at Alexandre Dumas best-selling classic

- Well thought out, engaging plot

- Truly hard brain teasers with hints

- Admire the epoch’s luxury and splendor in 3D


Immerse yourself into the gallant times of the musketeers and always keep your sword ready!









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