Pirate Adventures 2/Presskit


The second part of the gripping game Pirate Adventures is a new story full of dangers and risks. Now, the desperate pirate Jack will encounter the undiscovered secrets of the damned island covered in treasures and jewels.

What does every dashing pirate dream of? To become a ship's captain and find a treasure island. But where can he gather a band of fearless scoundrels, what do the ancient spirits' predictions mean, and how can he get his hands on the ghost's limitless treasures. In order to achieve all this, he would need to take a big risk where his pirate's honor and true love are at stake.

Key features:
-A gripping adventure in 18 chapters
-Search for objects in the pirates' den, in the fortune-teller's home, and on the ghost's island
-New characters and unpredictable plot turns
-An unexpected ending

Is Jack capable of conquering the evil fate's new trials? To do this, he'll need your help!




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