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Brave journalist Laura Winner came back! Small town which everybody remember after game Mysteryville is in the center of scandal again. However, she arrives in the town and find her friend Bill Witowsky missing and an art and jewellery auction about to take place organized by the town's new priest. Could Bill's disappearance and this auction, which is totally out of character for a small town like Mysteryville, be somehow tied together? It's up to Laura to find out.To establish the truth any clues will be usefull to the player. Accidentally founded pieces of paper become an  important evidence, and the mysterious anagram - a hint for further action. The main thing is don’t waste time, because long searches are making your stay in town very dangerous.

- An intriguing and interesting plot
- A great and colorful graphics
- Interesting and varied mini-games
- Atmosphere of great detective story
- Breathtaking gameplay.
Will Laura bring this case to the end and find out what is actually happening in this small provincial town?




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