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 Are you mad at your neighbors, coworkers or .. just everyone? Wanna have great fun playing practical jokes and pranks but scared to cause real harm? No worries - in this game you can unleash all your anger, have endless fun and stay unpunished! 

The story goes as following: a brave family moves to a small town called Crankyville where the residents aren’t so thrilled about the newbies and their housewarming party. 
How will the family survive in Crankyville? It’s your task to figure out cruel high jinx and get your revenge! Clogging a sink, blowing a fuse, or swapping someone’s protein pills for diet ones - That’s just the beginning! Figure out the pranks and get your revenge! 


Key features: 

- epic jokes and lots of fun 
- implement your crazy ideas 
- decent 3D graphics with replay of all the pranks 


With The Cranks your pranks will get bigger, better, and funnier! But will this constant pranking get pushed too far? Let’s see! 





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