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Ancient Celtic mythology is full of beautiful lore and legends. One narrative tells the story of the ancient Sidhe people who hid in the hills, away from everyone’s eyes. But who really believes in fairy tales these days? The legend comes to life, though, when little Gavin disappears without a trace on the eve of Samhain, the harvest celebration. According to legend, on this day, the Sidhe visit the people and take the little children away to their world... 

The little boy's sister sets off on a dangerous journey to find him. The brave girl can't manage everything by herself - she needs your help. But how can you get to the mysterious beings' world? This is your very first task on the way to freeing her brother and possibly establishing a truce between the long embattled peoples! 


Key features: 

- unique mini-games for the whole family 
- a charming atmosphere of myths and legends 
- magical creatures from the Celtic lore 


Along the way, you will encounter Banshee, Leprechaun, Gremlin and many other amazing mythological characters who may become your faithful allies. But will the brave girl manage to reach the end? 




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