A game of logic for those who love the Ancient Orient and everything related to it!

In this "three-in-a-row" puzzle game, you'll travel back in time to find 10 lucky charms which, according to the legend, bring wisdom, power, and wealth.  In order to get them, you'll need to solve ancient riddles that have challenged Oriental wise men by making rows of ancient symbols.  You need to smart and fast because each board should be completed within a certain amount of time.  This refined and mysterious game is a wonderful way to develop your imagination and wits, and the majestic Oriental landscapes and meditative soundtrack will make you forget about the passing of time.

Key features:
- Puzzles that develop logic and faster thinking
- Unexpected bonuses that help you clear the board
- Magic charms that bring wisdom and wealth
- Magical Oriental landscapes and a relaxing soundtrack
- Follow the path to the end and get to know the wisdom of the ancient Orient!
Solve the puzzles of the  ancient wise men and collect all 10 Talismans!


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10 Talismans 10 Talismans
10 Talismans 10 Talismans
10 Talismans